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Great news are comming late at night; that was what a friend posted on her wall recently.
That was what happened to me last night; treehugger ‘s post knock my Readers door!

Yiuco-blog followers knows; we just love, this discovery company, the leading media outlet dedicated to driving sustainability mainstream!
That is why we felt very proud when we read their post on yiuco.

Have a look on the original post here and a kind of summary here:

“….Now a new site based in Greece has put the eco-angle front and center, creating an online marketplace solely for recycled handicrafts. Taking the name of a Greek word meaning “piled-up clothes,” Yiuco hosts online shops run by crafty folks making rings from old computer keys, weaving purses from discarded plastic, and sewing necklaces from fabric scraps. Though most of the items currently for sale are fashion pieces — clothes and jewelry — the site’s founders have optimistically made room for goods in a variety of categories, from items for babies and pets to home and garden supplies.

[…]So far, the pickings for sale are admittedly a bit slim, and the differences between goods that are “upcycled,” “recycled,” or “reused” — a category that seems to include vintage clothes and hand-decorated household objects — are not always clear. But TreeHugger can’t help but root for a site that dubs itself “the online marketplace for happy recyclers.”

Thank you so much for this


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