More With Less


‘More With Less Arc Veneer Stool’ is the name. Lishuai Dong is the designer. Bented wood veneer, layered with old magazine paper, wraped together with rope. These are the matterials. The unique design is strong

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Τris chair


Designed by Tenenbaum Hazan, Tris chair is a seat made out of old blinds. End of life plastic blinds were hold together by a wooden contour and form a new, useful and stylish product. Smart green

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Comfy Cargo Chair


Stephan Schulz is the designer behind this Comfy Cargo Chair. And in case you do wonder, this chair is nothing but a 3D steel frame that let's you to do the stuffing.... A smart example

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Sky planter


This is a Sky Planter from Fire Escape Farms, a hanging plant system!

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Taboo collection


Taboo Collection, is the name of these furnitures made out of recycled garbage bags and bottles.

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Da Morto A Orto


“From redundant to abudant”. Presented in Salone del Mobile di Milano 2011 by Peter Botazzi and Denish Bonapace.

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Gypsy modular


Gypsy Modular…. A smart name for smart pieces of furniture….

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Biknit chairs


Patricia Urquiola is a  Spanish architect and designer. And this is Biknit, a brand new and above all green series of  chairs and a chaise lounge for Moroso furniture manufacturers.

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Serpentine is an armchair designed by Eleonore Nalet.

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