The lilliputian lamp

How can a lamp made out of 20,273,260 dentist cups be a Lilliputian one?
Well, quite easily.
The Liliputian lamp is a fine example of upcycling. Or else how to transform abundant quantity of waste material into work of art! It  is estimated that a dentist uses 12 rinse cups a day which adds up to 60 cups a week per dentist. Now imagine how many pieces of lamps a dentist can produce during a year…….


This is a great idea because its exquisite design does not give away the kind of materials that went into the making of this cup-lamp! The idea behind is simple; just cut the cups into various forms and put them together to create a lamp.  So, remember; next time you’ll visit your dentist advice him to recycle the cups into lamps!


via: greendiary


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