The Plastic Bag Monster

Plastic Bag Monster attacks  Slovenia………

Please do not panic…..

The monster appear in Ljubljana….Its plastic tentacles are spreading through the streets of the city…

It has adjusted to the environment, thus it has survived; it is reproducing by our consumerism, it feeds on individuals’ sloth and irresponsibility……

IT IS ALIVE!!!!!!!!!

And only thanks to the slovenian artist The Miha Artnak.

With the help of the environmental group Ekologi Brez Meja (Ecologists Without Borders) Miha Artnak collected 40.000 used plastic bags and 7.500 used plastic cups from 12 kindergartens, 21 primary schools, 4 high schools and 3 faculties from the city of Ljubljana  and from more than 500 individuals. He and his assistants spent a week building the Monster, who is totally made out of plastic litters and its tentacles reach for more than 100 meters.

What an original way to symbolise the spreading of the consumerism and waste segregation.

(via: treehugger & miha artnak)


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