A tower of books


Slovakian Matej Kren is the artist behind the “Idiom” instalation of books. A spiraling tower of hundreds of stacked books got its stage under the Prague Municipal Library.  Idiom is like a huge Jenga tower; books are stacked , forming a colorful rainbow cylinder that reached the celing of the library. A tear shaped opening is on the side of the tower.

A mirror has been placed on the tower’s floor, replicating the experience of looking down into the waters of a wishing well. Another mirror caps the ceiling, creating an infinity effect.


Matej Kren often uses books to connect viewers with the feeling of infinity, exploring their structural use as well their application as tools of knowledge. As a massive structural installation, the Idiom, hydes its little secret; the wisdom of knowledge which in our case lies there, within its pages! Happy new year everyone!

(via: inhabitat)


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