Jessica Sapick is a designer from Detroit.

She grabbed our attention immediately. After some research, we learn about Highbrow, her line of handmade upcycled eyewear with signature clip-on eyebrow ornament. We contact her and she replied almost on the spot. And that was another thing we liked.

Jessica’s Sapick design makes a lot of heads turn. This is exactly what happened at VPL show during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week were Highbrow was featured; people agreed that Highbrow is the next huge eye wear trend!

For Highbrow, Jessica receives broken and unusable frames from a charity that provides eye glasses to the vision-impaired and is transforming them into something new. Her inspiration aroused from rollie polies and her motto is “constraint challenges humanity to create”….

Sapick’s work has vision; she hopes to drive the creative recycling and resourceful message home. That is why she teaches elementary students how to create holiday crafts from plastic bottles, she is paying for trash in Detroit in where unemployment has explode and  one of her upcoming projects intended to raise awareness about eco-conscious fashion.

She is now launching her new line of jewelry and handbags…

Have o look on her site and visit the boutiques she has placed her products in U.S. (Los Angeles, San Francisco, Detroit and New York).

Actually, Sapick’s upcycling projects is a new form of recycling, the one that should rule; it is the creative recycling in where ones inspiration and action can lead to a many others sustainable living! Keep up the good work Jessica!


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