Moss in a Pot!

Jeanette Ramirez is a Barcelona-based artist, who is experimenting with moss for quite a while. She started by collecting moss around the city, reproducing it using beer and yoghurt, and covering ugly holes in old walls. Ramirez has become fascinating by this smooth green living thing that is very difficult to extract alive and grow, but finally she managed to keep it breathing and beautiful.

Because moss does not require much light, the designer decided to create little gardens for darker interiors. She wasn’t into the typical flowerpots and while looking for suitable containers, decided on antique pieces she had collected over the years, such as tea cups or vases, in which she started to grow small worlds. All they need is constant humidity.

Jeanette Ramirez works at The Clorofilas, a creative lab for edible and ornamental plants for both private and public spaces.


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