Iris Tsante makes colorful upcycled pencil bracelets


Do you have crayons? You can have a great bracelet too. Iris Tsante is the creator of unique accessories made from destroyed pencil crayons that she uses in short or longer sizes for her jewelry. In

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Pencil Bench


Created by Boex the Pecil Bench arrised from a single conversation on how we can incorporate an everyday office object into a piece of furniture. And here what occured. A bench made of 1,600 individually-placed

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The green PET bottles


Need some summer inspiration for green DIY? We have something pretty and special for you today. Easy and green ideas for decoration and planting, using only PET bottles. What about these hanging vases? Just follow

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Brush hooks


London designer Dominic Wilcox left these paint brushes unwashed and this is what happened! The brushes turned into coat hooks and the result is called "The Brush Hooks", shown at KK Outlet London as a

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Persona, the new project between art and fashion by Jeffrey Wang, recycles Levi's into sculptures to wear. Wang, founder and director of the creative platform Blanq World, manages to put together statuary garments joined together

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Shiner is a series of furniture made out of recycled industrial waste. The Atlanta based manufacturer takes scrap industrial materials destined for a landfill and turns them into furniture with a contemporary aesthetic. All steel

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Julia Barello


Julia Barello is an artist who uses both dyed xray film and MRI film to create installations and jewelries. Using the upcycling mentality, Julia is turning old films into new objects. A vibrant, alive, unique

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A new series of furniture, the Rememberme furniture, is going to be launced by theItalian company Casamania and has been designed by German designer Tobias Juretzek. Each piece of furniture is made out of recycled,

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If you are looking for stylish and environmental friendly home decoration, we have Giara lamp for you today. Chiara Goose Gustinelli of McGiver Creative Lab has designed this translucent pendant lamp that has been made

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Leela Lamp


Paul Everman is a designer from Sweden. Leela Lamp is one of the designer's creations. The light is made out of a laser cutted and folded steel plate completed by sheets of wood. All wood

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